Curious Black Bear Takes A Swipe At A Jogger In British Columbia

black bear

That’s B.C. for ya.

Bears everywhere and you can always run into one no matter what you are doing… even when you’re “running.”

Black bears are one funny animal, a little too curious for their own good which often makes for some comical encounters.

Often times, their curiosity and love for food get the best of them and put them in bad situations, especially when humans are involved.

The truth is, with on going urban sprawl and our own love for space, for us to coexist we will just have increased interactions through time.

Black bears aren’t particularly dangerous most of the time, with the key word being “most.”

But, this interaction is not at all surprising. British Columbia has a high black bear population with estimates to be 120,000-160,000 in the province alone, according to Wild Safe B.C.

I’ll tell you firsthand, I once saw 12 different black bears in under an hour in the province. Seeing bears in the spring of the year is so common it becomes pretty normal. Going for a walk and seeing a bear hardly fazes you after a while.

This jogger was out for some exercise in the lower mainland when she came across a black bear on the trail. She was close to it but did what she could to remain calm.

The bear approaches her and takes a swipe at her leg. It almost scares itself in the interactions.

Clearly, a young bear just trying to figure out the big ol’ confusing world.

Either way, that would get the heart pumping a bit harder than just going for a jog.

Watch out on those trails folks.

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