This Fox Posed For A Wildlife Photographer And The Pictures Are Incredible


Ahh, the cunning fox.

These beautiful animals are certainly on the smaller side of wild canines, but their sly behavior and smarts allow them to thrive on six continents in a wide range of habitats.

The red fox is the most common in North America, present throughout the entire continental United States in woodlands, wetlands, brushy fields and even in rural and suburban neighborhoods. Their diet consists of mainly rodents and small mammals, but they’ll also snack on some fruit and amphibians if needed.

They’re also hands down one of the best looking creatures out there, especially the red foxes. Something about the contrast between the beautiful red coat and clean white tail just makes these guys seem super cute, even if they would probably rip your face off if you tried to give it a hug.

Well, a photographer had an experience of his lifetime when one of these red foxes decided to get super close to him while getting shots out in the woods and he certainly made the most of his opportunity.

The fox first comes up, gets his attention, and nudges him a bit, almost as if to say “Hey, get ready, we’re about to do something cool,” then casually walks around the trees and strikes a few poses.

What a cool moment regardless of the outcome, but let me tell you, the pictures that came from this encounter are absolutely phenomenal.

Gotta love foxes and tip of the cap to the photographer who kept his cool and did the job.

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