I Guess Horse Sneakers Are A Thing And They’ll Run You $1,200… Per Foot

Horse kicks

And I thought I’d seen it all…

We’ve all seen people dress their house pets in some nonsense, from football jerseys, to sweaters, Halloween costumes, and more.

However, never in my life have I heard of shoes for horses…

I mean, yeah… we’ve all seen a horse shoes, but we’re talking about horse SHOES… like Nikes.

Yep, you heard that correctly.

Kentucky-based tourism office VisitLEX has partnered with a local shoe artist Marcus Floyd to create a line of limited-edition horse sneakers called Horse Kicks.

The company prides themselves as the:

“World’s first online custom sneaker retailer exclusively for horses.”

The line includes horse-ified versions of Air Jordans and Yeezys (might be revisiting that one…), for about $1,200 per shoe. We’re talking about almost $5,000 for all four shoes.

Hell, they even have the “Grass Cutter 5,000” New Balances too.

Designer Marcus Floyd said:

“These are wearable art designed over a medical horse boot and covered with repurposed sneakers.”

Fall styles will be auctioned off next month at the Breeder’s Cup for anybody who wants the new sweet feet for horses, and the proceeds will be going to charity.

I guess the good news about these bad boys is it should soften the blow if you ever happen to get kicked in the face by a horse…

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