Bravest Dog On Earth Chases Off A Polar Bear

Polar Bear

That’s one brave boy.

People tend to associate polar bears with Christmas and Coca-Cola, and other nice things, but the truth is that polar bears are one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

An absolute killer of a bear that lives in the harshest conditions on Earth.

And with large males weighing more than 1,700 pounds, they’re the largest land carnivores in the world.

Their white fur may be absolutely beautiful, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they will kill you without a second thought.

They are one tough animal too. They can swim for days at a time to get form one chunk of ice to the next in freezing cold waters. They have to constantly hunt as they are only successful roughly 2% of the time due to the harsh conditions they live in.

Their whole live revolves around killing things to eat, primarily seals.

This does not seem like the type of animal you want your dog chasing.

But, when in the artic, what other choice do you have?

A polar bear is seen approaching a man’s house somewhere in Russia’s artic territory. As it sniffs around the man seems to be familiar with these creatures and unworried, even extending a hand to the bear.

His dog comes out and puts the run to the giant animal.

Lucky for Fido, the bear takes off in the other direction, but it could’ve been all over in a hurry had this young polar bear decided it was hungry. And with limited resources in the colder climates of northern Russia, it’s a surprise that he didn’t take advantage of an easy meal.

What a wild world…

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