The Shoebill Stork’s “Bill-Clattering” Literally Sounds Like Gunfire

Shoebill stork

I’ll admit, I’m not too familiar with the Shoebill stork.

However, after watching this video, I hope to God that I never cross paths with a creature that looks as evil as this.

The Shoebill stork is native to Africa, and its height ranges from 43 to 55 inches tall, with an average wingspan of 7 foot 7 inches, to 8 foot 6 inches, and an average weight of 8.8 to 15.4 pounds.

In this video, the Shoebill is giving the death stare, where it literally looks like its frozen in time.

The caption reads:

“The Shoebills death stare. Did you know the Shoebill stork can stand virtually motionless for hours?”

Nah, to hell with all that.

I’m fully convinced that if I was in a situation where I had to stare down one of these things, I’d simply turn to stone after five minutes.

But seriously, it’s hard to imagine that a creature can literally sit there for hours, and not even flinch.

Hell, I can’t even go 30 seconds without moving, much less hours.

Although these things look incredibly creepy, they’re actually beloved by birdwatchers across the world, and pose no threat to humans.

Nevertheless, you still wouldn’t catch me dead near one of these things.

Check it out:

And of that wasn’t frightening enough, their “clattering” literally sounds like machine gun fire.

It’s only really used as a greeting call during the nesting season, but nevertheless, a pretty terrifying way to say “hello” to a human.

Check it out:

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