The Tennessee Titans Released A Hype Video For Their New Stadium, And It Looks Pretty Damn Cool

titans stadium

Incase ya haven’t heard, the Tennessee Titans have reached an agreement with the city of Nashville to build a brand new stadium…

And it’s gonna be a whopping $2.2 billion dome stadium.

I’ll admit, I’ll miss the OG Nissan Stadium overlooking the Cumberland River and the city skyline of Nashville, but it’s getting out of date and they have to keep up with the rest of the league in order to generate more revenue.

Nashville mayor John Cooper weighed in on the new deal when it was first announced:

“I’m grateful to Amy Adams Strunk, Burke Nihill and the entire Titans organization for their commitment to Nashville. Residents’ tax dollars can go to core city services because the Titans have stepped up to cover future ongoing maintenance on the new stadium.

I’d also like to thank Governor Lee and our partners at the state legislature for recognizing the Titans’ enormous economic contributions. Together, we are making sure that the Titans stay in Tennessee for generations to come.”

And Titans President and CEO Burk Nihill assured that the new stadium would be a “game changer” for both the city and state:

“Nashville’s new stadium will be a game changer for the community, enhancing the national and international reputation of our great city and state and delivering world-class events to our doorstep that we could never have dreamed of 25 years ago.”

Nothing was officially set in stone at the time, as it had to be passed by the Nashville city council.

However, judging by this new hype video the Tennessee Titans released for the new stadium, it appears that everything is officially full go…

And this place looks like it’s gonna be AWESOME.

In the video, it appears that the new 60,000 seat dome will feature a massive scoreboard, a sweet outdoor area full of bars, restaurants, and more that overlooks the city, and the inside looks equally as impressive.

Gitty up Titans fans, y’all have something great to look forward by the 2026 NFL season (hopefully).

“Renderings of potential new stadium, which would encompass 1.7 million square feet with a capacity of approximately 60,000.”

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