Mountain Lion Gets Ready To Square Up With Itself In The Mirror

Mountain lion

The ol’ boy is mad at himself.

Mountain lions are one of the most vicious creatures to roam our lands. The lone ranger of North America. They spend most of their time alone… outside of breeding season.

They are some of the best hunters out there, silent killers, who are precise with their strikes at the kill zones. And as the old saying goes “if you see one, it’s already too late.”

But, they aren’t fans of each other as another lion around is increased competition.

This lion came across a mirror in the woods and was immediately not impressed. His first reaction would normally be anger, thinking he had some competition of very similar size.

But when he notices his own reflection, he approaches with caution as the cat staring back at him does the same. He paws around at the mirror very confused with the situation.

I’m surprised he didn’t take the mirror out, but it seems like his keen sense of smell might have given him pause. Since he didn’t smell another cat in the area, he didn’t sense an immediate threat.

What a great interaction to capture on camera.

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