Marshawn Lynch Drops A “Motherf*cker” On Live TV During The Cal Game, & The Internet Is Begging Him To Never Change

Marshawn Lynch

Well, that didn’t take long.

If you bring Marshawn Lynch on live TV, you better be ready to hammer that bleep button.

It goes back to his college days at Cal, when he stole an injury cart and drove it all over the field after a big win, to him absolutely ending defensive players career in the NFL, and we can’t forget his infamous “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” quote.

I don’t think there’s a professional athlete out there who’s ever been loved more for not giving a shit than Marshawn Lynch.

He’s retired now, so if you thought he didn’t give a shit before, he definitely doesn’t now… and it’s hilarious.

His Monday Night Football appearance on Peyton and Eli Manning was down right hysterical last year, and yesterday, he was at it again.

He appeared on ESPN’s broadcast of the Cal versus Washington game, repping his alma mater, and just a few seconds in, he dropped this hilarious line:

“I’m from the Bay Area, when I look around in the stands, and I see that these motherf*ckers.. Oop.. I mean these stands how they were when we were here.

That sh*t kind of got me…”

A national treasure.

And the fans were loving it… can we get this dude on TV more?

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