Man Pokes Crocodile With Stick, And Yeah… It’s As Dumb As It Sounds

Gator poke

Ever here the phrase “mess with the bull and you’ll get the horns”?

Maybe “don’t poke the bear”?

I guess these apply to crocodiles too.

I mean, it is certainly not animal I would be trying to poke… crocodiles are known to have the strongest bite force in the whole world and can be pretty aggressive.

They can also grow massive, in South Africa where this video is from, and have been recorded up to 20-feet long and 1,600-pounds.

So not hard to see why poking one is a dumb idea…

This man is a farmer, I’m sure he’s dealt with them before. But, this croc seems p*ssed right out of the gate.

Before he does anything, the croc fakes him out with quick jolt towards him. That was the warning, always listen to the wild animal’s warning. They generally let you know when they’re pissed off, whether it’s vocally or with a defensive maneuver.

The man proceeds, even with the signs telling him no.

He pokes the crocodile in the rear end with his large poking stick and immediately you can tell the croc ain’t about it.

It pauses for a second as if to say “it’s okay, I’m not going to do anything”.

The old fake out.

The croc jolts out of nowhere, the man doesn’t even have time to react.

It gets a hold of his foot as he screams in horror, getting pulled to the ground.

All I can say is I hope this chap is okay… the bite definitely caused some damage, he had his whole foot in the crocs mouth.

But hey, maybe a lesson was learned today… like… maybe don’t poke the crocodile or you will get the bite.

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