Golfers Stunned Watching A Bald Eagle Snatch A Seagull Out Of Mid-Air

Golfers Eagle

What’s more American than waking up in the morning, drinking a cup of Folgers, hopping into your Chevy pickup truck, and hitting the golf course with your buds while a majestic Bald Eagle soars across the sky above?

Nothing. That’s what.

Well… unfortunately this video comes to us from Canada so you can ignore the USA speech entirely.

Here we see a Bald Eagle flying around a golf course in Vancouver (the irony), and it ends up chasing down a seagull. The Eagle took the gull with its talons and pulled it straight to the ground.

As the caption to the Instagram post says, Bald Eagles often times prefer the road of least resistance, but they don’t always take the easy route:

“Rather than track down and murder something everytime they’re hungry, bald eagles will more often than not take the easy way out and steal food off of other predators and/or scavenge roadkill.

This is the reason Benjamin Franklin was not keen on having the bald eagle represent the United States of America, because in his opinion the bird possessed “bad moral character” and “he (the eagle) does not get his living honestly.”

He wasn’t entirely wrong, but they will obviously take matters into their own talons when it suits them.”

How cool is this video though?

Imagine playing an early round of golf with your buddies and seeing a Bald Eagle swoop in out of nowhere. Beats the hell outta getting gored by an elk, eh?

If you listen to the video real closely, I’m sure you can hear an Aaron Tippin song playing somewhere:

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