Florida Man Finds Giant Hissing Alligator In Storm Drain: “Just When You Thought You’ve Seen Everything”

alligator florida

Nature is certainly full of surprises, that’s for sure…

And we’ve seen our fair share of alligators showing up where they’re not supposed to be.

From one getting into a lady’s kitchen, to a Minnesota hunter finding one near his downed buck, to just the other day when one turned up on a Florida beach, these guys will keep you guessing.

According to WFTV, a man in Apopka, Florida posted a hilarious video showing a crazy sight from just in front of his house.

While looking into his storm drain, he found a giant, hissing alligator, with it’s beady eyes glaring right back at him.

Talk about unexpected.

“I could hear him and feel him. I could feel it under my feet, the vibration.

It was pretty loud. It definitely got my attention. I guess (it wanted) to warn me to back off.”

The man said he usually sees the gator behind his house in a retention, but in the storm drain was a bit of a surprise.

Nothing like coming face to face with a creature that’s been roaming the earth as a top predator for 245 million years.

Watch where you’re reaching…

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