Deer Hunter Falls Out Of Treestand After Shot, Fractures Leg & Back, Gets His Buck Delivered To The Hospital

Buck hunter
Old Row Outdoors

Imagine sitting in the tree stand, and a monster buck walks in range.

You take a shot, and think you miss badly, and then you fall out of your stand and almost die.

Sounds like a nightmare, or a comedy bit, right?

One would think, but this actually happened to one poor soul…

Somebody shared this wild story to Old Row Outdoors:

“After what he thought was a bad shot my brother was scrambling out of his tree stand to take another shot when his ladder came out from under him.

We rushed to the hospital for a fractured leg & a broken back. His buddy tracked his deer and brought to the hospital for him today!”

A fractured leg AND broken back?

It truly is a miracle he was able to be rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair, and not in a damn body bag.

However, at least the story had a happy ending, as he did secure the buck in thanks to his buddy.

Tracy Lawrence said it best when he said:

“You find out who your friends are”

At the end of the day this dude will have one helluva hunting story to tell his buddies while pounding some beers on a Friday night… once he makes a full recovery, of course.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock