89-Year-Old Woman Bags 775-Pound Bull Moose In Maine

moose hunter

Every hunter has a feel good hunting story about friends or family.

However, when that hunting story involves your 89-year-old mother bagging a big ol’ bull moose, the story hits a bit different.

That’s exactly what happened for 89-year-old Arline Achey, who bagged a 775-pound bull moose on the fourth and final day of her moose hunt in Jackman, Maine, according to Central Maine.

Once the massive bull was within range, her sons set up a long stick so she could steady her rifle and get off a clean shot from 75-yards, and sure enough, it was done to perfection.

The harvest happened towards the end of her hunting trip last Thursday, because the final day on Friday was gonna be a washout due to heavy rains.

Although she first thought she was gonna leave empty handed, her and her sons spotted the massive bull, right as they were about to drive away.

The 775-pounder was Achey’s third moose ever, with her last happening 10 years ago when she was 79.

Her son, Kelvin Achey, shared how bittersweet it was to see her walk away with the big bull:

“My mother has had us hunting since we were 10 years old… My father and her used to go bird hunting every day in October. She loves hunting.

She’s the one who got all of us three boys hunting, because my father was always working.”

Needless to say, it was a successful trip, and I’m sure this is one they’ll be talking about for the rest of their lives.

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