Gator Quietly Stalks Egret And… Gets Eaten By A Bigger Alligator

GAtor egret

Ope, ya gotta be quicker than that.

It’s a tale as old as time… nature is all about the survival of the fittest.

Regardless of its opponent, you’ll see creatures battle it out to the death with another, just so they have a meal for the night so they can survive.

However, some of these opponents attack when you least expect it…

Here we have video footage of an average-sized alligator, lurking from the waters to sneak up on, and attack a great egret, or a great white heron, as many may know it by.

The egret appears to not even notice the lurking alligator creeping up behind it, and appears to be easy prey for the gator…

You would think.

Then, all of a sudden a MASSIVE, ancient looking alligator pop up out of nowhere from the wooded area behind the alligator, and quickly grab the gator in one quick bite.

Although the video was shot from a distance, the prehistoric looking gator appears to be attempting to swallow the much smaller one whole, and it’s easy to see that the much smaller one stands no chance against the larger one.

The egret, which finally notices the mayhem going on behind it, watches on in awe, and probably starts to count its blessings, knowing it could’ve easily been gator meat if it weren’t for the massive gator.

Check it out:

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