Watching A Black Bear Fight Off Bees In Its Pursuit Of Honey Is Exactly How I Imagined It

Bear honey

Winnie the Pooh, is that you?

This is hilarious, a story as old as time itself… the bear who loves some honey.

It is truly candy for these food craving animals. Imagine, you wonder the woods day in and day out and then come across a bounty of sweet sweet honey. It would be heaven to a bear.

Black bears pretty much only think about food. It’s what makes up most of their waking lives. They wander, sometimes for miles, in search of anything that’s edible. whether it be from a rotting log laying in the woods, to a singular crumb in your garbage… they will eat it all.

Honey however, is nature’s candy. But, it comes at a price for animal that can’t put on a sophisticated bee keeping suit.

I have to say, I always wondered how this would go down. Honestly, I just kind of assumed the bears were relatively unaffected by a bee sting, but boy, was I wrong.

This bear is seen coming across the literal honey hole in the form of a backyard bee hive.

Quickly, it realizes the treat that is in store for itself if he can just get inside…

At his first glance, he gets stung and jumps back but goes in for more. He thrashes around in pain from the sting as he digs to get into the sweet honey.

The bear is clearly uncomfortable as it digs and digs and the bees swarm him by what looks to be the thousands.

But, he powers through and continues to dig for the honey in the hive.

I just hope the ol’ boy actually got some of that honey so the stings were worth it.

No pain, no gain… right?

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