Tom Brady Gets OBLITERATED For Comparing The Start Of The NFL Season To Military Deployment

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Matt West/Boston Herald via Getty Images

It’s not hard to see that life is getting to Tom Brady.

Reportedly on the rocks with his wife Gisele Bundchen and headed for a divorce, his personal life seems to be affecting his performance on the field and now, he’s even talking out of his ass.

During a recent episode of his SiriusXM podcast show, Let’s Go, the 45-year-old quarterback was talking about the difficulty of shipping off to training camp, leaving his family, and starting another NFL season.

Which is understandable… the man is in his 40s, has a wife and kids, been playing for two decades, and planned on retiring. I’m sure all hell broke loose when he went back (which he did, nearly two weeks late).

But here’s where he lost me, and drew the ire of veterans, active duty military personnel, and most of the internet:

“I almost look at like a football season like you’re going away on deployment in the military, and it’s like, man, here I go again.

As much as you want to have this playful balance with the work balance, you’re going to end up doing exactly what you’ve always done, which is why you are who you are.”


Getting paid millions and millions of dollars to play a game with a ball is like military deployment? Playing football is like risking your like in Afghanistan or Iraq where you aren’t going to see your family again for months and month… God forbid, ever?

F*ck outta here with that…

And Twitter let him know just how damn clueless he is right now:

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