Jerry Jones Tells Patriots Owner Robert Kraft “Don’t F*ck With Me” During Heated Meeting About Roger Goodell Contract

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Looks like we almost had a brawl between two of the oldest, and most outspoken owners in the NFL.

According to ESPN, all 32 NFL owners met in New York City yesterday, to vote on if they wanted to permit their compensation committee to open negotiations on a new contract with commissioner Roger Goodell.

The vote ended up being 31-1. And the one who voted against it?

No other than Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

And this apparently led to a heated vocal altercation between Jones and New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft.

Allegedly, Jones told Kraft:

“Don’t fuck with me.”

Kraft replied:

“Excuse me?”

Jones added:

“Don’t mess with me.”

This isn’t the first time Jones has voted against a new deal for Goodell, as back in 2017, Goodell signed a new five-year deal that was different from his previous ones.

Jones then campaigned for a deal that was bonus based on his performance, rather than a mostly salaried contract. Jones is apparently worried that the new contract is too vague, and doesn’t specify detailed performance and financial metrics.

A source close to Jones told ESPN:

“He believes in corporate good governance and wants accountability on the financial goals tied to Roger’s bonus.

He is sensitive to awarding a big bonus to Roger before he performs and earns it.”

Nevertheless, it still would’ve been hilarious to watch Jones and Kraft go full on WWE Smackdown Raw.

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