Flatland Cavalry Releases Live In Studio Video For “Mountain Song”

Flatland Cavalry country music

You gotta love some Flatland Cavalry.

When they say their music is “easy on the ears, heavy on the heart,” they sure ain’t wrong, because every song they release finds a way to reach every last drop of emotion you’ve got.

Not to mention, they’re one of the best live shows around, and know how to get the crowd involved within each and every song.

Back in late August, the group released their personal and fan favorite, “Mountain Song.”

Led by the compelling voice of front man Cleto Cordero, the song itself is an acoustic driven, slow burn as Cordero speaks to the aspects of nature he sees before him, from the mountains, rivers, pines, and to the campfire, reminiscing about his lover and praying that he sees her face again some day.

Not ton mention, the song does a great job of focusing on each aspect of the band, from the acoustic guitar, to fiddle, electric guitar, and percussion.

With that being said, the group released the studio footage of them playing and recording the song, as it shows each instrument used to make the song great.

Check it out:

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