Monster Alligator Crosses Hiking Path In Central Florida Park

alligator florida

That ain’t no gator, that there is a dinosaur…

Hikers in Lakeland, Florida were stunned when their morning walk was interrupted by a prehistoric looking beast walking calmly across a path between two marshes.

A 12 to 15 foot alligator known to the locals as “The Big Humpback” from it’s abnormally high spine curve has been living in Circle B Park in Polk County for years, but no one had gotten a look at it like what was captured in this insane video taken by Kim Joiner and sent to ABC Action News.

The ginormous creature slowly plods across the dirt path, dragging a tail that seems like it could knock down a building like a wreaking ball. While the people were a decent distance away, it’s still nerve wracking seeing them in frame with the gator. It could certainly gobble one or two of the people whole.

Florida, man…

Out for a nice morning walk and see a 1,000 pound cold blooded killer, that’s just life in the Sunshine State.

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A beer bottle on a dock