Dale Earnhardt Jr. Discovered A Possum Hiding In The Engine Bay Of One Of His Race Cars

Dale Jr. possum

Well, this ain’t something you hear everyday.

NASCAR news typically revolves around wins and losses, beef between drivers, new team members, etc. etc…

However, NASCAR news about a possum is a first for me.

And that’s exactly what NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. discovered in the engine bay of one of his cars that had been delivered.

He shared the strange news on Twitter:

“The JRM teams unloaded the cars from Vegas today and found a possum in the engine bay of one of the cars.

I kid you not.”

And he means an alive possum, which makes the situation a bit more scary…

I’m just trying to figure out how in the hell the possum was able to make its way in there.

I mean seriously, did the creature sneak in there while the hood was open, and nobody was looking? Was the possum already in the hauler? I feel like that would be a pretty hard one to miss…

Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty damn good story for ol’ Jr. to tell his buddies while pounding a few Bud Heavies on a Saturday night.

Abd for more on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s chances with a Cup Series car, check out his latest conversation on The Dale Jr. Download:

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