Pecos & The Rooftops Say “New Era Begins” With Release Of Upcoming Single, “Hurt No More”

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It’s no secret that Pecos & the Rooftops have been one of the biggest names in the Texas rock scene for the past two years now.

They’ve seen a ton of success from their smash hit “This Damn Song,” and kickass debut EP, Red Eye E.P.

Although the band was relatively quiet for a while after dropping the EP, they ended 2021 strong by dropping the head banger “Last Night’s Lashes,” and followed it up with the smooth, saxophone driven song “Time for Wine,” back in May.

Needless to say, the two lead singles were a strong sign of what’s to come with their debut album, Cabin Fever, which is expected to drop sometime before the year ends, although it remains to be seen if that’s still the plan.

But with another song on the way, it’s anybody’s guess.

Pecos Hurley and the boys took to Instagram to share a bit from their latest upcoming single, titled “Hurt No More.”

And in the caption, they wrote:

“October 28.. a new era of PRT begins.”

Okay, I’m guessing the “October 28” date is when we can expect “Hurt No More” to drop, but “a new era of PRT begins?” Does this mean Cabin Fever is dropping right behind the single?

God I hope so.

I guess all we can do is stay patient and wait.

But an album called Cabin Fever right in time for Halloween sounds ideal.

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