Monster 12-Foot Alligator Shows Up On Florida’s Delray Beach

Gator florida

Well that doesn’t belong there…

Beachgoers in Florida were shocked to find a monster alligator on the shore of Delray Beach, about 50 miles north of Miami, last week. According to Newsweek, the gator measured almost 12 feet long.

While alligators are almost entirely freshwater creatures, they will make trips through brackish water, and on rare occasions, like this one, will venture out into full-on salt water if they’re so feeling it, where they can survive for days.

After it was spotted, authorities were called and, after a small fight, had the gator under control within an hour. It was transported to a conservation farm nearby.

Can you imagine taking a nice morning walk on the beach, not worrying in the slightest that a freshwater dinosaur might show up until BAM, you run head on into it?

That’s exactly what happened to Kimberly Klein who was walking her tiny dog just feet away from the gator before they saw it.

But still, when WPFB 25 News asked if she loves Florida less or more after the incident, she still had nothing but love for her home.

“Obviously more, I mean what’s not to love about seeing a freakin’ gator on the beach?”

Ahh, a Florida woman at her finest… absolutely love the Sunshine State and its people.

That’s a damn dinosaur…

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