Ashley McBryde Takes You Behind Her Debut Single “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega”

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Taking it back to 2017…

Ashley McBryde is absolute powerhouse, and her latest album, a collaborative concept album called Lindeville, just goes to prove she’s pretty much in a league of her own when it comes to mainstream country music.

I mean, who else could pull off a project like that, and perhaps more importantly, get the blessing from the record label? If you haven’t heard it yet, stop reading this article and go listen to it.

You can thank me later…

But Lindeville isn’t the point of this blog, no today, we’re taking it back to the beginning.

My first exposure to Ashley McBryde was when Eric Church brought her out in Chicago for a performance of “Bible & A .44.” About six months later, she would drop her debut single, “A Little Diver Bar In Dahlonega.”

Written alongside Nicolette Hayford and Jesse Rice, the song is based on a true story surrounding how Jesse met his wife. Broken down car, stuck at a dive bar in small town Georgia, one of the worst days of his life quickly turned into one he’d never forget.

“This bar changed my life before I ever walked in the door…”

And here’s the full story, straight from Ashley and Jesse themselves…

And the song:

And speaking of Shawn Mullins, a little “Lullaby.”

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