Philadelphia Phillies Rock Out To “Dicked Down In Dallas” While Celebrating NLDS Win Over Atlanta Braves

Phillies NLDS

As a lifelong Phillies fan, I just have to say…


After 11 playoffless year, the Phillies secured the final Wild Card seed with just a few games left, then went on to beat the Cardinals in the Wild Card round last week and just tonight secured a berth in the NLCS against the winner of the Padres vs Dodgers series.

And if you know anything about the city of Philadelphia, it’s about to be a long, wild night…

Between the Eagles being the last undefeated team in the NFL to the Phillies making a long-awaited playoff run, the city is ready to erupt with years of pent-up energy.

And while Philly may be best known for Meek Mill, the team decided to celebrate with a little bit of country (ish) music for the locker room party.

Trey Lewis“Dicked Down In Dallas” absolutely blew up on social media a year or so ago, and tonight, someone decided to make it the club’s anthem.

Take a look at this. Regardless of how you feel about the song, you have to admit it’s a pretty great moment…

I am fired up…

Check out the title track to Trey’s EP Shut The Door, which proves his potential is far greater than a gimmicky TikTok song.

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A beer bottle on a dock