Alligator Chases Florida Fisherman Out Of Spot, Guy Falls Backwards Trying To Get Away

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I’ve fished on Florida freshwater shores and you absolutely need to keep an eye out for alligators because they just pop up out of no where and make you shit bricks.

The closest one that got to me was about 3 feet, and fortunately, it was a smaller guy, but I ran out of there as fast as I could.

Well, a tarpon fisher got quite the scare a little while back when a massive alligator popped up in his spot and decided it had enough of him fishing there.

The guy immediately takes a few steps back as the monster comes on shore, but things intensify when the gator begins chasing him down the path.

As if that’s not a bad enough situation, the guy immediately falls ass backwards while trying to get away, leaving him scampering as the gator keeps approaching.

Typically, alligators aren’t this aggressive unless they feel threatened or it’s a mother and you’re by her nest of eggs.

Regardless of the why, this guy was lucky the gator eventually called it quits and went back in the water. With footwork like that in the swampy Florida woods, it would have probably ended up pretty poorly.

Stay safe out there…

Florida Fishermen Fight Off An Aggressive Alligator Landing Tarpon

Fishing in Florida ain’t for the faint of heart.

Probably a bit more than these lads bargained for when fishing from a bridge, but hell, in that neck of the woods maybe they are on their toes a bit more for this kind of stuff.

Alligators are one cool animal. They will eat just about anything the can get ahold of, some have even been found with license plates and bullets in their stomachs.

They can get massive too, with large males pushing 1,000-pounds and 11-feet long. On top of the fact that they have the strongest bite force in North America.

That’s not an animal you want to have trying to bite your catch.

This group of fishermen are seen standing on a bridge fishing. They hook into a nice one and a gator starts attack the fish. They won’t give up the fight and double down.

One lad is even seen beat the gator with the handle of his rod. They must really want to get that fish in…

As they try to net it, the alligator opens his jaws and lunges. The group continues to fight and as it lunges again towards their fish.

They get it into the net and up to safety from the gator.

They boys came out with a really nice tarpon for a catch.

Helluva fishing story.

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And here’s the fish:

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Florida Bro Is Hilariously Mesmerized Watching A Bobcat & A Baby Alligator Battle On His Back Patio

Florida is such a wild place.

Wild animals, wild people, Disney’s Wild Animal Kingdom… whether it’s a bobcat fighting an alligator, or a meth head fighting Micky Mouse in a gas station parking lot, there’s always something to see.

And while a good old fashioned animal fight is entertainment enough (it’s nature people, relax), our color commentary here is what really makes the entire video.

You’d almost think this guy (who presumably lives in Florida) has never seen either of these two animals in his entire life judging by his utter amazement. Also, for a Florida guy (Port Charlotte, Florida, to be exact) he clearly doesn’t have Disney+ because they got all kinds of cool animal stuff on there.

But let’s get to the tape…

The baby gator has a little pop in its step and it’s actually fighting pretty well considering the size difference here. This just goes to show alligators are purely violent right from birth. A gator this young fighting incredibly smart against another killer three times its size.

As the bobcat bats at the gator the gator jumps and bites all in one motion. This is its defensive style… match the offense. And it actually makes the bobcat more careful as the gator executes the plan very well.

However, the bobcat is too smart for the young gator though, as he waits for an opportunity and as soon as the gator makes a mistake and lands on his back he goes in for the kill.

The bobcat gets a steady grip on him and the fight is over from there. At least the gator made it interesting, and went out with a fight.

“I was taking a break from the games to cut a mango when I noticed a bobcat. After a minute of filming a baby, alligator came into frame and they had at it. Mother nature at its finest.”

Alright, without further ado… let’s get it on.

Yeah, the bobcat wins… easily. Maybe in a few years it would’ve been the gator having the bobcat for lunch, but he won’t live to see the day.

But I think my favorite part of whole ordeal is when he says “thanks, that could’ve bit my dog,” referring to the baby alligator.

Ummm hey bro, the little gator might bite your dog, but that bobcat will EAT your dog.

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