Raccoon Savagely Grabs Iguana By The Neck In Broad Daylight, Drags It Off Into The Bushes


Chicken of the tree, anybody?

We all know raccoons for rummaging through everybody’s trash in the neighborhood, and scurrying across the front porch and having to shew them away with a broom.

However, little did I know that they’re also natural born killers, and ain’t afraid to whoop some ass…

And the proof?

Right here.

Joe Rogan posted a video to his Instagram account of a raccoon putting a large iguana in the sleeper hold like it’s the Nature Boy or something.

It constantly bites the top of the iguanas head, and although it tries to escape, the raccoon proves to overmatch its opponent, and drags it off into the bushes.

Perhaps the wildest part is that it all happened in plain sight, in the day time by somebody’s pool.

To put things into perspective, the iguana is incredibly strong with razor sharp teeth, and they viciously whip their tails to keep away predators, so it truly is surprising that the raccoon was able to get the iguana in this position in the first place.

Never again will I doubt the power of a raccoon, and I’ll probably think twice before swinging a broomstick at one on my front porch again.

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