Muscadine Bloodline Keep The Pedal To The Metal With New “Cryin’ In A GMC”

The boys from Muscadine Bloodline are on an absolute heater lately.

It’s only been a few months since they dropped one of the best albums of the year with Dispatch to 16th Ave. But anybody who thought Gary and Charlie were just going to sit back and relax after the latest album dropped has been proven very, very wrong.

Since releasing the new album, we’ve gotten a steady stream of absolute fire from Muscadine Bloodline.

First there was “Me On You,” a hard-charging twanger that went viral on TikTok and has pretty much been stuck in my head since they released it.

They followed that one up with the funky “Evinrudin'” just a few weeks later.

Now today they’ve released another new one called “Cryin’ in a GMC.” And no surprise, it goes hard.

Against the backdrop of those thick electric guitar licks, the song is actually a reflective apology of sorts, first to a dad who “walked on water and won that ’85 state champ ring” who just doesn’t look at his boy the same after a disappointing performance on the field, and then to a beauty queen whose dad sought out some retribution for “the dipshit thing I done” with another girl.

“Now I’m sitting in a parking lot
Drinking Evan Williams strong
Be here ‘til the sun arises
Been here since the lights came on
Now I’m cryin’ in a GMC
Windows tinted just the right amount
Yeah I’m sorry that I messed things up
And let you down”

I’ve been a fan of Muscadine Bloodline for quite awhile now. In fact I saw them open up for Luke Combs in a small bar in Birmingham, Alabama back in 2017 and sang along to every word of “Porch Swing Angel” and “CB Radio.”

But damn if they’re not getting better and better, and cranking out some of the best music of their career right now.

And I don’t think that’s by accident either.

Speaking about the release of “Me On You,” the guys acknowledged that their mindset towards creating music has changed from chasing success to just doing what they love to do:

“We’ve been at this for 7 years and we’ve been blessed. But something just feels different about this one. After 2020, the mind set changed from chasing recognition to just chasing what you love with your best friends.

We are content but we are still hungry and we ain’t changing anything. To all the artists out there who are still trying to figure it out like us, just keep your head down and keep fighting the good fight!

And I’m all for it.

Keep it coming, boys. Pedal to the metal.

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