Miranda Lambert Shows Off Her “Secret Hideout” Office In Nashville, Complete With A Full Bar

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Now this is how you decorate a secret hideout…

Miranda Lambert recently took People behind the scenes of her favorite room at her management office in Nashville.

She calls it her “secret hideout,” and says it’s a place she goes to just hang out or write often:

“So this is my secret hideout, it’s at my management office, Shopkeeper management, in Nashville. And it’s where I come hang and write, there’s a bar over there. You can’t see but it’s really cool.

This is just this really cool area that’s like, for creating, and for brainstorming and writing songs. We also keep a lot of memorabilia down here as you can see. So I’ll point out a few things.”

She showed off a few of the pieces in the room, and of course, in the background, you can see the that the walls are covered in plaques, awards and photos from throughout her very accomplished career thus far.

Some of her favorite things they had displayed was the light up neon guitar case from her performance with Elle King opening the ACM Awards last year, as well as a piece she wore for a performance of “Fastest Girl in Town” about a decade ago.

She also added that she’s written many songs in that room, including a recent one with fellow Texas native Parker McCollum, as well as Luke Combs on “Outrunnin’ Your Memory,” from his recent studio album Growin’ Up:

“I’ve written a lot of songs here. I actually wrote a song with Parker McCollum not long ago down here, and I’ve written here with Luke Combs, and by myself.

And you know, sometimes my manager and I, we’re very close, been together for 17 years, so we can come down here and have a drink and like brainstorm, and not make it feel like we’re in an office building.”

She also talked about a plaque on display for her very first #1 song “White Liar,” as well as the Pistol Annies plaque from when Hell On Heels went #1 as a country album back in 2011.

And for my favorite part, she had a closet filled with years of amazing clothes, which she called the wardrobe archive, that included outfits from photoshoots, music videos, album covers and red carpets.

If you wanna see where Miranda goes to get away and pen some of your favorite country songs, make sure you check it out:

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