Massive Whale Leaps From The Water And Smacks The Side Of New Jersey Fishing Boat

New Jersey whale


Imagine enjoying a gorgeous day on the water, doing a little fishing, everything as perfect as can be…

And then your day is ruined, because a whale jumps from the water and smacks the ever livin’ hell out of the side of your boat, nearly sending you and the boat to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

I simply couldn’t imagine what would be going through my mind during all of this. Would I start saying my prayers? Would I even have enough time to react?

Well this nightmare became an unfortunate reality for the people in this fishing boat that was off the coast of Bradley Beach, New Jersey.

One of the guys on the boat is filming his buddy trying to reel in a fish he just caught, when all of a sudden you see a ton of smaller fish leap from the water, and then the massive whale, heading right for the boat.

You can hear the guy filming constantly yelling:


Luckily enough, the whale only nicked the side of the boat, and the situation could’ve been a million times worse, but I’d like to bet the guy filming and the guy with the fishing rod saw their life flash before their eyes, because that boat would’ve probably capsized if the whale had caught more of it.

Nevertheless, these guys are gonna have one helluva story to tell.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock