Bison Nearly Stomps On Unleashed Dog At Grand Teton National Park

Bison grand teton

When it comes to domesticated animals and wild ones, there really is no comparison.

Wild animals only know how to live off the land, and search for their next meal in an effort to survive. Eat, survive, eat, survive… that’s pretty much it. Not to mention, whenever they feel threatened by another wild animal, they’re typically gonna stand their ground, or get the hell outta there.

On the other hand, domesticated animals count on their owners for their next meals, and since they aren’t under the threat of attack at all times, they’re a lot more curious and friendly… for better or for worse.

And sometimes, that curiosity can have deadly consequences, and that’s almost how this situation ended up.

In this video, you see a domesticated dog that wasn’t on a leash, running up on a bison at Grand Teton National Park in Wilson, Wyoming.

Grand Teton… not exactly a dog park, man.

Although bison are more peaceful creatures that count on plants and grass as their main sources of food, they aren’t afraid to act if they’re approached by an unwanted guest.

As it was standing there munching on grass, the bison notices the dog and has a brief stare down, before it charges at the much smaller creature, and nearly stomps it.

I’d say this is a perfect example as to why you should keep your pets on a leash if you go to national parks, because it just may result in your pet leaving in a body bag, and that’s simply something none of us wanna think about.

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