Woman Runs Screaming At Mountain Lion Trying To Attack Her Dog

Mountain Lion

Yup, this lady has some big balls.

There’s nothing in the world I would rather not do than run at a mountain lion. They aren’t exactly known to be the friendliest of animals.

But, then again, pets are something worth protecting. They would do it for you…

Known killers of everything, mountain lions are skilled hunters and generally target smaller mammals in the wild. Stealthy, fast, strong, they have the skill to take down a number of wild animals, but will never pass up an easy meal in someone’s backyard.

Typically, they stay well clear of people, but aggressive or threatened cats do sometimes attack.

They know the kill zones, often times taking down prey by their rear legs and latching onto the neck as quick as possible with their sharp teeth and strong bite.

Males may an average of 150-pounds while females 90-pounds. That’s not a kitty that you want attacking. A 10-pound cat can do damage, times that by ten and you have yourself a problem.

This lady had the scare of her life when she looked out the window to see her dog running for its life.

A mountain lion was right on its tail as she made it outside. The woman sprinted out and screamed as loud as she could chasing the mountain lion off.

That takes some courage…

Lucky for the dog, it was able to use the patio furniture, and its small size, to create some distance between itself and the cat, and then mom screaming like a banshee probably scared it off.

And fluffy lives to fight another day.

Hopefully the cat made its way back to the woods to take down some deer instead.

But perhaps my favorite part is her screaming at the dog to get back in the house, with the pup completely oblivious to the fact that it nearly became cat food.

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