Atlanta Braves Fan Loses His Mind On Philly Frat Kid, Throws Drink & Hilariously Screams: “Do You Want A Beatdown?”

Braves fan

It’s October, which means it’s postseason baseball.

Yesterday, the Atlanta Braves faced their division foe the Philadelphia Phillies in game one of the NLDS, and the Phillies came out on top, 7-6, in the best of five series.

It was a tough one for Braves fans, considering their ace Max Fried got the start on the mound yesterday, and got absolutely shelled by the Phillies.

Not to mention, Braves first baseman Matt Olson hit a three run homer in the bottom of the ninth to put them down by one with only one out, but couldn’t get that tying run across the board.

It was an emotional rollercoaster for both fanbases, and as you can imagine, tensions were at an all time high.

With that being said, one Braves fan let a trolling Phillies fan get the best of him, and things almost got ugly QUICK.

In the video, you can see a young frat kid going nuts after the Phillies sealed the deal in game one, and I’ll admit, he was being obnoxious as hell…

But for the Braves fan in front of him, the dad losing his mind, you just can’t do what this guy did and consider yourself a grown ass man.

The Braves fan took his drink, and threw it right at the heckling Phillies fan.

He was then having to be restrained from going up a step and attempting to whoop the guy’s ass, as he was yelling things like:

“You want the beatdown?! Yes or no?! Do you want it or not?!”

Lucky for dad, another fan got in the way and cooler heads prevailed.

SHEESH. I kinda wish the Phillies fan said yes. Would’ve been some high quality entertainment.

The Phillies fan later spoke with Philadelphia’s FOX 29 about the situation, saying:

“He threw the drink in my face, he was yelling at me that I was disrespectful, but I was just trying to, like, play it cool, tell him I was just trying to watch Phillies-Braves.”

He also added that the guy’s wife was trying to calm him down, and was on their side:

“His wife was telling us, ‘Oh, he’s fine, he’s fine.'”

Atlanta and the Phillies square off again today at 4:35 PM ET.


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