Luke Bryan & Peyton Manning Bust Out The White Board For CMA Awards “Boot Camp”

Peyton Manning CMA Awards

Incase ya haven’t heard, Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning are co-hosting the CMA Awards this year.

I respect the move, because the CMAs have to do something to get their plummeting ratings back up to par, and we’ve all been loving Peyton’s Monday Night Football “Manningcast” with his brother Eli.

Not to mention, Bryan has also expressed his excitement for getting to partner up with the legendary NFL quarterback:

“Being a part of such a historical night that honors my peers and Country Music is such a privilege. When I was asked if Peyton Manning was someone I would consider co-hosting with I didn’t hesitate.

We have become great friends through the years and what he brings to the table is gonna make it even more of a blast. I know he’s been to the CMA Awards before, but he’s never been with me.

Hey Peyton, I hope you’re ready for the night of your life!”

And as we creep closer and closer to the November 9th premiere date, Luke and Peyton have teamed up for a hilarious CMA Awards commercial…

And it’s all about them “Getting in sync.”

Throughout the video, they do what they can to make sure they’re on the same page come November 9th, from picking out attire, vocal exercises, to Peyton hilariously not recognizing Luke’s face from 10 years ago, they should be good to go.

As as cheesy as awards shows tend to be, I’m actually fairly excited to see Peyton Manning there.

And for the singing part, I think Peyton’s got that one down:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock