Kacey Musgraves Takes Shot At Ted Cruz During Austin City Limits Festival Performance

Kacey Musgraves country music
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Incase ya haven’t heard, Kacey Musgraves played at Austin City Limits Music Festival on Sunday night in front of a large crowd, playing a number of her hit songs.

However, aside from her musical performance, she took her opportunity on the Austin City Limits stage to make a politically charged statement towards one specific Texas state senator…

And it was no other than Ted Cruz.

While singing her song “High Horse” off of her 2018 Golden Hour album, the Texas native took her opportunity to take a shot at the Senator from her home state.

“‘Cause everyone knows someone who kills the buzz, every time they open their mouth… Ted Cruz.”

She was met with an applauding crowd after making the statement and followed it up with:

“I said what I said.”

This isn’t the first time Musgraves has voiced her displeasure for Cruz, as she shared some heavy opinions on Cruz’s vacation to Mexico in the middle of the brutal winter storm that swept through Texas last year, leaving a ton of Texans without power and basic necessities.

Musgraves also criticized the Supreme Court later on in the show, saying:

“F the Supreme Court, honestly…we’re in a weird time but we’ve got each other… there is a light, I promise.”

You can watch the full set below:

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