Two Guys Pose As Construction Workers, Sneak Into The Front Row Of A Zach Bryan Concert

Zach bryan fans

No need to wait for them to Open the Gate when you have (Something in the) Orange…vests.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Zach Bryan has been one of the hottest concert tickets in the country lately, selling out shows and driving prices through the roof for fans who want to catch him live.

And Zach’s been pretty outspoken about scumbag ticket scalpers who are pricing his own fans out of getting the chance to see him in concert, saying that he wouldn’t pay the insane resale prices for tickets either.

Well two fans found a creative way to beat the scalpers who were asking sky high prices to a recent Zach Bryan show.

A video posted to TikTok by user @kentajibrownjackson shows the two fans posing as construction workers, wearing reflective vests that they bought from Target, and showing up to Zach’s concert at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q in Austin, TX last week. They even brought a ladder and clipboard with them to complete their genius disguise.

And the best part about the plan?

It worked.

The video shows the guys hiding out in the bathroom of the venue (and ditching their equipment) before settling into a spot for the show – on the very front row.

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And for anybody who thought Zach would be mad about people sneaking into his show (ok, I doubt anybody thinks that), he actually found out about the stunt and gave the guys a shoutout on Twitter, calling them “actual legends” and offering them tickets to a future concert.

A nice gesture from Zach for sure, but these guys have already proven that they don’t need tickets to make it into a show.

All it took was two vests and a ladder.

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