Two Brown Bears Take Turns Scratching Their Back On Trees In Hilarious Video From Alaskan State Park

Bear scratch

Ahh, that’s the spot…

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: Bears are not only ferocious killers, but some of the most fascinating, and at times hilarious, creatures out there.

While we spend a lot of time saying these creatures aren’t cuddly and cute like Baloo from The Jungle Book, sometimes they certainly do act like my favorite animated bear.

A man staying in a cabin in Alaska’s Lake Clarke National Park and Preserve captured a video that shows just that, as two large browns take take turns using some trees to get at an itch.

One of them looks to be the leader and takes charge finding two good trees for scratching. The other follows to try and get something out of his shoulder, but honestly this is awesome and makes me think there has to be some backstory here…

Maybe the two were tying to steal some honey and the bees got the best of them.

Maybe they were play wrestling and one pushed the other into a nasty patch of poison ivy which spread to the two of them.

Maybe one got fleas and spread it to the other as a not so funny joke.

Maybe bears just get itchy sometimes.

Regardless, always fun to watch bears just kinda act like dudes for awhile.

And have to throw in The Jungle Book clip

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