Kim Kardashian Met With A Ton Of Boos At The Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys Game

Kim Kardashian Cowboys
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams have gotten off to a bit of a slow start and appear to be in their Super Bowl hangover after winning it all last year, and things didn’t seem to change after yesterday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, losing 22-10 and falling to 2-3 on the season.

Of course, the Rams may have the worst fanbase in the NFL (Just look at their pitiful Super Bowl pep rally they held last year), and nobody really seemed to care about the game if you watched last night.

Hell, the Rams even had to practice a silent count at practice to combat crowd noise, as they expected there to be a ton more Cowboys fans than Rams fans at the game.

Although the Rams fans didn’t seem too concerned about the product on the field, there was one part of yesterday’s game that got everybody’s attention…

Kim Kardashian was in attendance, and fans were PISSED.

When it was announced that she was there, along with her son Saint, they were met with a loud round of boos after she was shown on the jumbotron.

She didn’t seem to mind, as she blew a kiss to the crowd and waved, but it’s easy to see that the crowd reception was pretty negative.

Of course, Kardashian has been in the headlines a lot lately, from everything from her divorce with rapper Kanye West, her breakup with comedian Pete Davidson, and the negative reception she received after telling people to “get your fucking ass up and work” in an interview with Variety, which is pretty comical considering she’s famous for doing pretty much nothing.

Nevertheless, people took notice when she was booed on Sunday:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock