Charles Wesley Godwin Performs Unreleased New Song, “Skyline Blues”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

Charles Wesley Godwin knows how to touch every emotion you’ve got with his music.

From his soothing, yet also deep-cutting vocals, and out of this world abilities to deliver a story so crystal clear, you feel like a character in the lyrics yourself, it’s easy to see why the guy is on his way to becoming (If he’s not there already) one of the best singer/songwriters in independent country music.

Not to mention, the guy is the king of taking a cover and integrating his own, unique spin on it.

Although we haven’t gotten any new music from Godwin since his kickass 2021 How the Mighty Fall album, the Whiskey Riff 2021 Album of the Year, the man has been hard at work writing new music, as he’s shared a few unreleased songs on social media.

Back in August, he shared a great one titled “All Again,” another titled “Family Ties,” and now, it appears he’s back at it again, as he performed yet another unreleased song, titled “Skyline Blues.”

Godwin’s performance of the song is a perfect example of his master guitar work, and gritty vocals that are both easy on the ears, yet also as heart-piercing as it gets.

Although there’s still no confirmed word yet, the fact that Godwin is sharing these unreleased songs can only mean that a new album is inevitable in the near future. Fingers crossed.

Check it out:

“‘Skyline Blues’ straight out of the notebook. Enjoy!”

And incase you haven’t heard, Godwin will be making an appearance at the upcoming Greenville Country Music Fest in Greenville, South Carolina, slated for November 5-6.

You ain’t gonna wanna miss out on this one. We’re talking Zach Bryan, Turnpike Troubadours, Charles Wesley Godwin, 49 Winchester, Flatland Cavalry, Larry Fleet, ERNEST, and so many more.

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