Owl Snatches Unsuspecting Hawk From Nest In Wild Video

Hawk Owl

I may have a new favorite animal…

Owls are one of those birds that everyone knows a little about but not many people know exactly how hardcore these birds are.

The nocturnal carnivores are absolutely vicious, feasting on everything from mice to rabbits to fish and even other birds.

But unlike other predator birds, they have an innate ability to fly practically silently, allowing them to sneak up on their dinner without any warning.

Throw in their insane eyesight, sharp talons and beautiful looks, they are high on the underrated animals scale for damn sure.

They also have a killer instinct that’s displayed no better than this video of a sneak attack on a hawk’s nest.

Two hawks are just hanging out, minding their own business, completely unaware that just behind them, hidden in the dark, is their worst nightmare.

You can even see the owl’s eyes in the background, waiting for just the right time to swoop in and grab a midnight snack, and boy did he pull it off flawlessly.

Almost chilling how quickly and efficiently he was in and out.

It’s a real bird eat bird world out there…

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