New Jersey Woman Casually Talks To Black Bear That’s Learned How To Open Her Front Door


Just another example of bears just trying to be one of the bros.

Sure, we see the brutal videos and pictures of bears mauling other creatures, and even their own cubs, and there’s no way in hell I’d walk up on one if I saw one off in the woods.

However, every now and then, we get cute videos like this that show the pure, playful side of bears.

Somehow, Susan Kehoe of Highland Lakes, New Jersey found a way to become best friends with black bears that hangout near her home.

And according to Outdoor LifeKehoe has even advocated to ban bear hunting in New Jersey, and has even ended up in court over the matter on multiple occasions.

I just gotta know, how in the hell did she get black bears to not feel threatened by her? Did she just walk up to one one day and decide she was either gonna be best friends with the creature or die?

Bold strategy, cotton.

But here is a perfect example of her friendship with nearby black bears.

She videoed one that ;learned how to open the front door to her home, and stares at her for a brief second before shutting the door with its mouth.

Then, the bear pushes open the door again, and you can hear Kehoe say:

“Are you playing games with me?”

It’s a bizarre world out there, and this could never be me. But to each their own, I guess.

And this isn’t the only time Kehoe has let a black bear peak into her home. This must be apart of her normal routine, as she shared this video nearly a year ago:

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