Grizzly Bear Falls Off Waterfall Trying To Catch Salmon At Katmai National Park

Bear falls

I bet the ol’ grizz was mad after that one.

It would hurt the ego a little bit.

Grizzly bears are one of the most impressive killers on the planet. They will go after anything that they can sink their teeth into and come away with a meal.

They need a lot of food, that’s why they are so good at hunting. They can eat up to 90-pounds in a single day.

During the summer months they pack away as much fat as they can to survive through their hibernation during the harsh winters they live in. In most areas their diet consists of many different animals and plants, mainly using their energy to take down elk, moose, deer and bison.

When they live in areas with plentiful rivers such as Katmai National Park, they target the salmon as much has they can. Salmon are the most nutritious thing a grizz can eat. Generally, it provides more fat and nutrients with less energy used to take them down.

When the fishing is good, a grizzly will sit at the river all day long.

This grizzly set up at a popular spot, Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska, to catch some fish. His method of choice was to sit right where the fish were trying to jump and catch them as they come up.

It is usually a very successful method, except for this day.

The bear reached out to far for a fish and starts to slip. He tumbles down over the small set of falls.

As he his falling a fish jumps right over him.

That’s a slap in the face.

I hope the ol’ boy came away with some dinner after that happened.

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