Dale Earnhardt Jr. Accidentally Texted Wrong Number To Send Post Malone His Vodka… They Didn’t Believe It Was Him

Post Malone, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I mean, if Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s trying to give away free vodka, I’ll take it.

He recently announced his new vodka brand, High Rock Vodka, in partnership with Sugarlands Distilling. As they gear up to get it in stores this spring, he’s also trying to get it in the hands of some friends to help spread the word before the official release.

And that may be harder than you think…

In a tweet yesterday, Dale Jr. said he was trying to text Post Malone for his address to send him some, when he realized he had the wrong number and that Posty must’ve gotten a new one.

But the kicker here is, the person on the other end didn’t believe it was Dale Jr. and wouldn’t accept the alcohol:

“Sent Post Malone a text to ship him some High Rock Vodka. Not his number anymore.

Now trying to convince total stranger to accept a bottle and that I’m not scamming them.”

And I think that’s pretty fair considering most people would likely have the same reaction if you got a random text from a random number saying it was Dale Earnhardt Jr.

But, my favorite part of the story is that Dale Jr. also tweeted some updates (and high quality dad jokes) confirming that he had fixed the contacts in his phone.

It looks like he did end up getting Posty’s correct new number:

Hopefully, Posty will give him his address, because Dale Jr.’s vodka seems like it should be high on the list of necessities since Post is planning to hole up in his Utah mansion and wait for the apocalypse.

And of course, Twitter remains undefeated, and there were some great responses to Jr. about the whole fiasco:

Post Malone’s “Motley Crew” video also featured NASCAR drivers Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock