Buffalo Bills Roast Cheaters Who Stuffed Fish With Weights To Win Ohio Fishing Tournament

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The Buffalo Bills are absolutely one of the most fun NFL teams to follow.

Not only do they have superstar quarterback Josh Allen throwing bombs to stud Stefon Diggs and a wildly good defensive secondary, their fanbase is by far the craziest in the league.

Jumping through tables, throwing sex toys, partying shirtless in freezing cold temperatures, you name it and they’re doing it.

Oh, and their social media teams is absolutely hilarious…

Just the other day they posted a video of backup quarterback Matt Barkley doing what I assume is some TikTok trend, but the caption is just absolutely hysterical.

The fishing world was hit with a crazy scandal the other week when two fishermen were caught stuffing their catch with 8 pounds of lead sinkers to win an event on Lake Erie in Northern Ohio and almost caught the beatdown of a lifetime by a group of fired up fishermen.

The jackpot of the competition was $30,000, no small amount, but the news we got today makes this seem like a drop in the bucket.

Turns out, these two had won around $400,000 in total winnings over the course of the year by winning the two biggest events of the fall season, The Fall Brawl and Walleye Slam.

Gross behavior and it’s only fitting they were caught red handed like this and most likely will never be allowed to cheat their way through another tournament.

Seems like it wasn’t only the fishing community that got a kick out of this though, as the Bills took their try at getting a giggle from the mess, and it sure got me…

“This is the face of a man who would NEVER cheat Northern Ohio Lake Erie walleye trail fishing event”

Absolutely hilarious…

Great work by the Bills social team yet again.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock