Black Bear Gets Blasted By Skunk After Intense Stare Down

Bear gets skunked

Score one for the little guys.

Typically, I’m not a big fan of skunks, I don’t think many people are.

Let’s face it, even though they are kind of cute, they stink. Like really, really bad. Pepé Le Pew be dammed…

But getting to see one use its spray as a defensive mechanism is pretty cool, especially because I don’t have to be around to actually get a whiff of it.

The video starts with a black bear in a field snacking about among the grasses when it notices something running in the brush behind it and takes off to see what it is.

The bear catches up to the creature which happens to be a skunk and the stare down begins. It’s almost like the bear is wishing it was any other type of animal, but is still hungry enough to try and get him without getting sprayed.

Unfortunately for the black bear, he ends up taking a direct shot of stink right to the face…

The bear immediately runs into the woods and the skunk gets away, able to live another smelly day.

I would not want to be in the bear’s den that night… do they have tomato juice in the woods?

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