This Rabid “Zombie Fox” Allegedly Found Near Chernobyl Is Downright Terrifying

Rabid Fox

I think we all know that you should never get remotely close to a rabid animal.

But this one might have a little something else going on…

Many know the story about the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in modern day Pripyat, Ukraine, where a catastrophic explosion occurred in 1986. Everybody had to be evacuated due to the high levels of radiation exposure, and to this day, there is still high levels of radiation in some areas.

Of course, they had to leave all of the wildlife behind, and now there is a number of feral dogs and other critters who have been exposed to high levels of radiation.

There’s been rumors that the radiation has turned many of the animals to in rabid “zombie” beasts however, it has clearly been debunked. In fact, wildlife seems to thrive in the exclusion zone and for many larger mammals, they’re numbers continue to grow. Why? Perhaps because there are no people…

Except, this video may make you think otherwise…

The video is of a rabid fox, that is literally walking around like a mindless zombie, and according to the bio, it was taken by somebody who trespassed into Chernobyl.

Of course, there’s no way to prove that, and it could simply be a rabid fox, which is almost equally as terrifying.

Either way, I’m staying away.

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