Muscadine Bloodline Tease New Song “Good To Drive,” From Upcoming Album

Muscadine bloodline country music

Muscadine Bloodline is back at it again.

Coming off one of my favorite albums of 2022 so far, Dispatch to 16th Ave., I really wasn’t sure if the duo would be able to top it.

The whole album has songs that are easy on the ears, along with boot stompers that will have you wishing you were down at your local honky tonk, while perfectly displaying the southeastern lifestyle that both Charlie and Gary (and myself) grew up on.

However, the guys just might be kicking it up a notch with this next album they have in the works.

If you haven’t heard their two lead singles, “Evinrudin’,” and “Me On You,” you need to do yourself a favor and change that right now, because the insanely good harmonies of Charlie and Gary, along with the stellar songwriting and groovy licks might mean their best work is still ahead of them.

And speaking of their album in the works, they shared an acoustic version of one of the songs that will be featured on the new record, titled “Good to Drive.”

Live from a pool hall, the two show off their incredible harmonies once again, as they sing this breakup tune about drinking yourself lonely, but staying sober enough to drive in the event that she decides to change her mind.

As always, it’s good stuff.

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