HARDY Gives Update On Status After Serious Bus Wreck, Cancels Upcoming Shows

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On Sunday, HARDY announced that he and his band had been involved in a serious car accident while on their bus after leaving a show in Bristol, Tennessee at the Country Thunder festival at Bristol Motor Speedway.

He noted that he and two of his other team members had been released from the hospital, although suffering from “significant injuries.”

HARDY also said that his bus driver is still in the hospital, and asked fans to pray for him as he was being treated for serious injuries with his family by his side.

You can read the original statement below:

“Following last night’s show, our tour bus was in an accident on our way home from Bristol. There were just four of us, including myself, on the bus, however we were all treated for significant injuries.

Our friend, and bus driver, needs your prayers as he is still in the hospital. His family is with him while he is being treated and we’re all pulling and praying for him.

I’ve been released from the hospital, but ordered by doctors to recover for the next few weeks which may cost us at a couple of shows. My team and I will keep the fans updated on that as I rest in the coming days.

Please keep our road family in your prayers and I promise to keep you updated in the days to follow. God bless our medics and local and state official for their quick response and incredible service. Hardy.”

With that being said, he’s updated us once again on the status of himself, his team, and the bus driver, saying in an Instagram video:

“What’s up guys, HARDY here, just giving you an update on myself, I’m okay. Just got done hanging out with Tanner, Tanner is okay. Noah is okay. We still want you guys to pray for our bus driver Ricky, who is still not in the clear yet.

So if you guys could please pray for him, that would be greatly appreciated. I have decided that it is in my best interest to cancel the shows I have coming up, and that is Arlington, Texas, and that is Flanagan’s in Columbus, Ohio.

I’m very sorry, but it’s just what I need to do right now. Ernest will be taking my place in Arlington, Texas, and we will reschedule Flanagan’s in Columbus, Ohio, for July 1st, 2023.

Thank you guys for all the support, just keep praying for Ricky my bus driver he really needs it. He got a really good report tonight, but he needs all the love and prayers he can get.”

You can tell by his voice that he’s still pretty shaken up from everything that’s happened since the wreck, so our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody involved in the awful situation.

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