Deer With A Bad Broken Neck Has Been Living Fine In Idaho For Over 4 Years

Deer broken neck

This seems like something out of a horror movie.

I almost don’t want to believe it’s real…

But it is.

These are some tough animals and this shows just how tough they can be. They are out here daily fighting the elements, searching for their next meal all while trying not to get eaten by the next predator that comes along.

The peace of mind we have as humans to not be worried is exclusive to us. No other species on earth is this care free. There is almost always something else that can kill them out there.

And it’s not that things can’t get us either. We just live a fortunate life where we don’t typically have to worry about being eaten alive… every single day.

This deer is tough as nails though.

She’s seen in the video with her neck bent in two and her head basically sitting on her shoulder.

After I let out a little gag, I had to reassess. And yes, this here is a deer with a broken neck that healed crooked and is still grazing along like nothing has happened to her.

That’s tough.

The crazy thing is, she’s been surviving like this for a few years…

“I videoed a deer with a broken neck, walking around the woods during the day, April 5th, 2019.

She’s had a broken neck for about 4 years and still continues to live with a shockingly distorted neck. She also continues to have babies”

Still having babies, eh? Just goes to show you… nobody is ever to ugly for love.

Nevertheless, these animals only know one thing… survival.

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