Truly Once-In-A-Lifetime Video Of A Bull Elk Watching Two Bull Moose Go At It

Moose elk

Even the other animals are impressed with this battle.

But, how could they not be? Moose are a massive animal, the largest in the deer family with some known to weigh north of 1,500-pounds. Elk are large, but are nothing compared to a moose in size, weighing in around 700-pounds.

The only argument that can be made for elk being the better animal is the taste of their meat. Which is a pointless argument as these two species are known to be the two tastiest animals that roam our woods.

Moose are a spectacle to watch. Their behavior is so captivating, with their massive change during the rut. A lot of the year the bulls like to hang around together, but during the rut they love to have a good fight.

Seeing a moose battle is an extremely rare occurrence on its own, one that many moose lovers dream of seeing. If you spend anytime in moose country, you will come across the tracks from a fight. The drag marks and tracks going in circle tell the story pretty clear.

These people came across an event you wouldn’t ever believe unless there was a video of it.

Two nice sized bull moose are seen going rack to rack in a battle of dominance.

All while, a big ol’ bull elk stands in the distance watching the fight.

Even the animals want to see this battle go down.

That’s certainly something you will never see again.

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