Mama Bear Hilariously Charges People On Their Own Doorstep

Mama bear

Don’t mess with mama.

Standing on your own doorstep and getting charged… these bears got no respect.

If you live in black bear country, and leave your garbage outside, there is a high probability of one or many of these beasts to come wandering through your yard, and making it look like a dump afterwards.

An estimate on their smell range is 18 to 20 miles… yes, well into the next county. So if they are within a few, they will definitely smell the garbage and you best believe they will lick up every crumb they can come across.

Mix this with curious bear cubs and you have yourself a predicament. They might look cute, but nobody wants to be around bear cubs.

Well, I shouldn’t say nobody, but nobody should want to be around bear cubs. Why? Because nobody is more protective than a mamma bear. They love to put people in their place very quick in the form of intense aggression.

These folks were looking out their door watching some bear cubs play around and start into their trash.

As the people watching thinking about how cute they are the mother bear comes out sniffing around.

“There she is. There’s big mama”

The bear stares them down and, in a flash, starts to charge.

It almost looks like a movie as the bear sprints and opens her mouth wide and the people scramble to safety, slamming the glass door behind them.

I guess the garbage is theirs for the taking today.

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A beer bottle on a dock